June 3rd - 5pm (CEST)

What covid19 taught me about corporate culture, success and performance

Myth-busting: what I thought I knew vs what I know now about culture. A new era is starting and will require new reference / new dogma.


Mohamed Brahim

CTO of Profile Pensions

Mohamed Ait Si Brahim is the Chief Technology Officer of Profile Pensions. At Profile Pensions Mohamed is building a market-leading pensions investment advice product for the UK mass market.
Previously, Mohamed has led senior engineering roles spanning many areas of Financial Services; from scale-up fintechs to more established financial services firms. One recurring theme in Mohamed’s experience is How to Build, Shape, Grow strong engineering teams/cultures to deliver great customer and business outcomes. He is a specialist in cloud-native, data-driven and API-first engineering approaches, as well as digital and transformational change.
Previous roles include VP of Engineering at OpenGamma where he helped the company pivot from pure open-source libraries to a cloud-based SaaS analytics business, Head of Risk Technology at LCH/London Stock Exchange where he re-engineered the group market risk pricing and monitoring service and pioneered high-performance risk computation using AWS before Cloud was an established model for highly regulated financial services.