13th May - 5pm (CEST)

Team first

A framework to lead a team to success in a challenging environment. Producing high quality work is dependent on how well-organized is the team, especially in a high-pressure environment like an ad agency or a production studio. Additionally, this high-pressure environment is intensified due to the global COVID-19 lock down that makes us all work from home. Now more than ever, teams struggle with cultural differences, perceived pressure from management or misaligned definitions of success. These examples are only a handful of current problems that (almost) every team faces, which results in unhappy and stressed out developers. Processes outside of their control keep them from doing the thing they love: write great code. Even from home.Over the years I have learned that you are more successful if you understand what motivates people. At Valtech we know happy teams produce better work. Motivated and responsible people are the core of our success. Therefore, I have created a framework (yes, I'm a developer) to deal with projects in complex environments that I call "Team First".This talk is about how the "Team First" framework came to be and how it works.Team First contains best practices and rules to follow in order to make yourself and your team successful. I share anecdotes from years of experience that most developers can identify with. In this installment I will focus on remote working as well.


Tim Benniks

Software Engineer and team lead - valtech_

Tim has worked at different agencies in Amsterdam and Paris over the past twelve years.

He has been lucky enough to have had global clients like: Nike, Heineken, Google, Tommy Hil-figer, EA games, Chanel and Hermès.

Next to being web development director he also has a transversal front-end lead role for the biggest global client program at Valtech.

The job involves programming with nice technologies but also animating an international group of amazing front-end developers to a future of  innovation for both Valtech and its clients. It’s all about quality and building fancy websites.

A demanding job also needs balancing. Tim plays guitar and loves family time with his wife and a little corgi called Nugget.