20th May - 6pm (CEST)

Sustainable Organization: Next-Generation Organizations in the Digital Age

We are living in an uncertain and unpredictable world, and crises like Covid-19 can impact us anytime. A progressively competitive environment leads to significant challenges for organisations when they stumble to adapt to change, and many organisations fail to create a state that can lead to sustainability over the long term. Today, most large organisations represent the advance state of the industrial revolutions, seen as a complex machine, driven by processes, rules, and methods. Thus, management is mainly focused on competition, results, and performance. Organisations cannot attain sustainability without a paradigm shift. They have an important role to play in contributing to the community as well as our society, as there is a strong relationship among them on many common grounds. It is now vital to reinvent organisations so that they become living and responsive and sustainable systems.


Soumyasanto Sen

Founder & Future of work Strategist - People Conscience

HR Technology, Transformation & People Analytics Leader and Advisor, Author of “Digital HR Strategy”

Leading the uncertain world by exploring better sustainable strategies, innovations, technologies & solutions with adopting the sense of People-centric Transformation for the "Future Of Work".

Providing advisory, mentorship, and coaching to start-ups and entrepreneurs for better future and collaborating corporates in leading and adopting Digital Transformation with right mindsets, strategy, technology, leadership and cultural change.

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