23rd April - 5pm (CEST)

Keeping sane and productive when digital transformation suddenly happened to you

"Who led a digital transformation in your company? CEO, CTO or Covid-19" are the most popular memes right now. Working from home has quickly become the new norm. However, for many people who have been pushed into it, it's anything but normal. Screaming kids, time-consuming communication, an overwhelming amount of emails, slack notifications are the antithesis of productivity. How can you and your tech team remain healthy and focused on your roadmap during these challenging times ? Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, internationally acclaimed speaker and founder of Consciously Digital, the only digital wellbeing coach training program accredited by ICF, will share neuroscience research on the impact of digital distractions and coaching techniques on how to organise your team workflow in these challenging times.


Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina

Coach & Founder - Consciously Digital

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina is a coach, TEDx speaker, Huffington Post blogger and author of Homo Distractus.

She got rid of her smartphone as well as her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realised how dependent she had become on her gadget.

She eventually set up Consciously Digital, a London-based consultancy that helps people develop a healthier relationship with technology.

She is frequently quoted in the international press talking about tech-life balance and has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, El Pais, Metro, Channel 4 etc. and is a speaker at major tech conferences, including World Mobile Congress (Barcelona), Women of Silicon Roundabout (London) etc.