6th May - 5pm (CEST)

How to be successful when working remotely

Join this 45-minutes webinar to: Discover new solutions to optimise your efficiency and concentration when working from home; Establish tailored digital remote methods while respecting your work-life balance and avoiding hyper-connectivity; Learn how to sequence your day with phases of concentrated work and phases of remote collaboration.


Vincent Dupin

Founder - Into The Tribe

Vincent is coach, TEDx speaker and founder of Into the Tribe.

After graduating from business school and working for 2 years, Vincent did a one year road trip around Europe and Asia. During this trip, he realised he wanted to create his own travel agency, not only because travelling is his passion, but also because Vincent believes people are hyper connected with technology nowadays.

He believes that he can make a change in people’s lives with 'digital detox' seminars and trainings. A place where they can disconnect from their digital life to reconnect with others and nature. An opportunity to have a better balance between their real and virtual life. This is how Into the Tribe was born in October 2015, offering company seminars and trainings for the past 5 years!