16th April - 5pm (CEST)

Aviate - Navigate - Communicate

The basics to survive in an aircraft, but also during any crisis situation... Team leads, learn from a combat proven naval aviator how these three basic steps are THE key to success for you to lead and manage your team objectives through any crisis situation. A fine mix between aviation, personal development, leadership and followership. Take control of your own jet today, and make sure you sign up to this webinar!


Pierre-Henri Chuet

Pilot, Speaker, Consultant - Mach3Management

“Até” flew fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers in the French Navy for a decade.

He flew day & night combat operations in Iraq, has flown airshows in Europe and instructed on the Dassault Rafale.

With 18 years of flying experience he logged over 2500 hours of flight time and 200 carrier landings as well as flying numerous combat missions.

During his career he faced emergencies, had to take life or death decisions and led young pilots into combat.

“Até” now shares all the methods and techniques he used to perform in fast jets with the corporate world as a trainer, coach and consultant.