Where can I find high quality software developers?

Mariola Krause
March 28, 2019

Software developers are in very high demand with the growing needs of corporations for digital transformation. While Europe’s software developer workforce continues to grow, up 200,000 in 2018 to reach a total of 5.7 million according to a study by State of European Tech, this increase still doesn’t meet industry requirements.

The increase of professional developers by country. (Green = 2018, Yellow = 2017). Source: State of European Tech

Europe is currently missing 1 million software engineers, and according to Korn Ferry’s “The Future of Work” study, it is about to get a whole lot worse. There is a predicted 1 million deficit of tech profiles in each European country by 2030.

So what are companies doing about the tech talent imbalance?

It appears that the lack of tech talent has resulted in more and more European companies seeking skilled labour from an international pool of candidates. Due to the universality of programming languages, it has become common practice for companies to look to hire tech talent from outside of their own countries, and more specifically from Eastern European countries. But why?

The number of software developers from Eastern parts of Europe such as Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and the Czech Republic have been rapidly growing in the international arena, over the past decade.

Better preparing their tech workforce

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, remains a source of tech talent for companies such as Skype and Transferwise — despite both relocating their head office from Tallinn to Stockholm and London respectively. In addition, the current educational system in Estonia is designed to develop the next generation of digital workers as children are taught to code in school.

They’re hiring tech talent from Eastern Europe

Developers are becoming increasingly valuable

Furthermore, investment from the founders of Prezi, Ustream and LogMeIn into a programme called “Bridge Budapest”, designed to help promising tech specialists gain experience, also contributes to the growing global presence of Eastern European tech professionals.

These professionals are highly competitive with strong work ethics, knowledge of the English language and high-quality software development skills, making them an attractive source of talent for many companies.

Can Eastern Europe continue to address the tech talent imbalance on a global level?

What motivates Eastern European tech talent to relocate to Western Europe?

A study conducted by Antal reports that almost 50% of the Eastern European tech specialists surveyed showed readiness to leave their home countries for job opportunities abroad. A further 26% answered “maybe I would emigrate”.

Antal then highlights that higher financial gains harnessed from working abroad is the main motivating factor driving these skilled professionals to relinquish working in their home country in favour of moving abroad. The national statistics for average salary have shown that software developers from Eastern Europe, on average, can earn up to 35% more in countries such as UK, France, Germany and Netherlands.

Other driving factors determined from the survey include life adventure, better development prospects, work culture, a more mature market and the opportunity to work in an international environment.

This shows that Western European countries are not only popular hubs for tech companies but also have much to offer on an individual level.

Next steps: accessing this pool of untapped talent

While the motivation for Eastern European tech profiles to relocate West is evident, the ability to source and attract the right software developers at the right time can still be very challenging. How can your company access top tech talent?

Tech candidates are very open to discovering new opportunities in Western Europe and are particularly attracted by companies who celebrate building a diverse workforce. Therefore, when using traditional recruitment channels, you should promote the level of diversity in your team.

However, in such a candidate-driven market, it is no secret that companies have to look beyond Linkedin and job boards to find Europe’s best tech profiles.

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Eastern European countries are addressing the imbalance between tech talent demand and availability. The high quality programming that Eastern European tech profiles are producing, accompanied with a high level of the English language, are making these individuals some of the most valuable in the workplace!

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