Scoring a Data Engineer job in Amsterdam with

Yelizaveta Crofts
April 4, 2019

David changed his career: he retrained as a Backend Software Developer, met team Amsterdam in person and subsequently found his first tech job in the Amsterdam startup of his dreams on the platform.

We’re super happy that David’s first tech job search worked out for him so smoothly, that it suits him so well, and that he even came to visit us in our office 🤗 Here’s how we were able to help David kickstart his tech career together — let us know if we can do the same for you!

Hi David! Congrats on your first job in the tech sector! Can you tell us a little about your route to working with tech professionally?

Sure! My degree wasn’t initially related to software. At first I studied Telecommunications Engineering in Barcelona, but after a year I realised it was not what I wanted to be doing.

I came to Ironhack Amsterdam to start my coding career.

What motivated you to sign up on

I heard about when some of the Amsterdam team came to our class at Ironhack and gave a talk about the platform and starting out in work as a Junior Developer.

Graduating from the course at Ironhack, I wanted to give myself the best chance to find a job and decided that I needed more options.

I expected something like LinkedIn, but with a more casual environment and a platform where I could have more control over receiving job offers.

Unlike LinkedIn, on you specify the positions you are interested in progressing to and even the particular technologies you want to work with. You are contacted only when you are open to finding a new job.

What was your experience of the platform? is a really nice platform to use, it’s really simple, intuitive and convenient. Learning to use it took only a few minutes.

Chatting directly to the companies was great and having the chance to discuss your plans and possibilities with your Talent Advocate is really helpful.

All the offers that I got were interesting and most had the proposals I was interested in (in terms of salary and technologies used on the job).

How are you now finding your new job?

My new job is amazing, truly, I love my company, its environment, the people and the offer was just what I was looking for. I’m starting out now working as a Junior Data Engineer.

One last question, what’s your single favourite point about

Having worked with Sandi is my favourite part ❤. I guess I should say the best part is the Talent Advocate.
Sandi has helped me a lot, not only to find something which fits to my experience and the tech stack I am using but also with really nice advice. She even reviewed the way my CV is written. I’d like to think Sandi is more of a friend than an advocate, she was really efficient and I really appreciate her help.

The other important thing is how’s platform is very easy and intuitive to use, that makes it amazing.

Thanks for speaking with us about your experience, David!

We can help you find a tech job in Amsterdam! Make your account here to take off with a Talent Advocate of your own 🤝

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