How can you avoid hiring mistakes?

Cyril Moultaka
December 7, 2020

In the book “Who — The A method for hiring", written in 2008, Geoff Smart and Randy Street made two main observations:

  1. Recruitment is still companies' number one issue.
  2. Hiring techniques are often based on subjective criteria which can lead recruiters to make hiring mistakes, sometimes difficult to make up.

Indeed, recruiting people is never an easy task. Bias, emotions, subjectivity are many obstacles to hire the right candidate for a job.

To improve the hiring process, Geoff Smart and Randy Street have created the hiring scorecard, a tool that will help you reduce those issues.

What is a hiring scorecard?

A hiring scorecard is a really simple tool that allow you to streamline your recruitment process, by providing an objective framework that focuses on specific outcomes and expected skills.

It's an internal document built to precisely define the job: what's the role of the future employee, the mission, objectives, skills, personality characteristics required?

All those questions, if asked upstream of the recruitment process, will allow you to have a better understanding of your needs and consequently become more efficient during the interviews.

The scorecard will be your framework throughout candidate interviews and your key asset to avoid hiring mistakes.

How to use a scorecard?

A scorecard is basically a spreadsheet with interdependent elements linked to the job: the mission, the outcomes, and the competencies & skills.

To be an efficient tool, the scorecard has to be thought of as a funnel:

Define precisely the mission to deduce outcomes. Then, key competencies and skills will come out from the outcomes.

You'll need to answer those 3 questions to pre-fill your scorecard:

  1. What is your future colleague's mission? (Mission)
  2. What are the expected outcomes for this mission? (Outcomes)
  3. What are the key competencies and specific skills to reach these outcomes? (Key Competencies & Skills)

These 3 answers will help you to clearly to identify your needs for the job and pre-fill your scorecard depending on your expectations (see below)

Scorecard example from our Fullstack developer scorecard template.
Download it now

💡 Score each skill during the interview to get a final score (/5) for each candidate (remember to adapt your marks to the candidate's seniority)

Then, you can objectively compare candidates and choose the best one for your team.

The scorecards

To help you hire the best talents in your team, we produced scorecards covering main tech jobs:

  • backend developer
  • frontend developer
  • fullstack developer
  • lead developer
  • data scientist
  • devOps
  • product manager

Those pre-filled templates will help you to evaluate the most important criteria for each job.

Obviously, they are adjustable, giving you freedom to add skills that you think are the most important for your team.

Thus, you'll hold all the cards to make the best hiring decisions.

How scorecards have been made?

To build our scorecards, we worked with our recruitment experts who use this tool everyday to hire new members in

Tech leads also provide us with their technical expertise on the different job positions.

Therefore, they are built to be as faithful as possible to reality.

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