How will Brexit impact the hiring of EU citizens in the UK?

As the Brexit transition period comes to an end on the 31 December 2020, we gathered the new rules that will apply to UK companies from a hiring perspective and created a set the guidelines for companies affected by this. Check them out!

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How can you avoid hiring mistakes?

Recruiting people is never an easy task. Bias, emotions, subjectivity are many obstacles to hire the right candidate for a job. To improve the hiring process, Geoff Smart and Randy Street have created the hiring scorecard, a tool that will help you reduce those issues.
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HR managers give you their top insights on hiring tech freelancers

We reached out to human resources experts to give you the best advice on how tech freelancers can add great value to your company.
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How uses hiring to maintain its product roadmap delivery

Insider insights from's own tech team on how to leverage tech hiring for an awesome product
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UPDATE: State of the tech recruitment market

Have companies restarted tech hiring? Discover the state of the tech industry bi-weekly in your location and Europe-wide.
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Are tech companies still hiring? Check out our State of the European Tech Recruitment Market report

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19.5.2020 becomes free for companies in Amsterdam makes all hiring free in Amsterdam during the current crisis, #COVID-19.
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13.5.2020 becomes free for companies in the UK makes all hiring free in the UK during the current crisis, #COVID-19.
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Create a successful remote onboarding process

Discover do's and don'ts from experts in our community to help you onboard tech talents remotely.
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DevBreak Announcement

#Covid19 will not stop us from serving our community.
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Where can I find high quality software developers?

Look no further than Eastern Europe for an untapped pool of tech talent
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The Powerhouse of Junior Devs

Why you should hire a junior developer (preferably on ;) )
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Scoring a Data Engineer job in Amsterdam with

Amsterdam jobs with
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How to build a Tech team

Make your IT team “The It Team”
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Developers salary report

Examining the state of tech salaries across Europe
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Build your tech team with remote hiring

The fact that we’re now remote doesn’t have to be the reason to stop hiring great tech talents. Learn key tips on how to hire remotely.
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